Line List

This project concentrates on a small number of lines usually classified as significant because they pass through Glasonbury Tor.

Name Range Map Dedication Gender Bands Date
St. Leonards London / Dover TQ-c Michael M 11 ~2100BC
Michael SW England ST-b Michael M 17 ~4200BC
Mary SW England ST-b Mary F 16 ~4300BC
Walsingham Norfolk ST-b Holy Ghost M 16 ~4200BC
Jerusalem/Sockburn Sockburn/Balham/Jerusalem SE-c Jesus M 52 ~4900BC
Shipley Shipley Horsham ST-b Jesus M 19 ~3200BC
Avebury A6 Wiltshire SU-c Holy Ghost M 50+
Uffington Horse Eye Wiltshire SU-c Sariel F 9 365BC
St. Etheldreda London TQ-c Dominions F 14 64AD


The Range / Map columns gives an appropriate starting point to follow the line.
The "Sockburn" line was eventually linked to a major line through the Temple Mount in Jerusalem which was called the "Jerusalem" line.
It is the same line but with two names. Older maps use Sockburn, later maps use Jerusalem.

The Jerusalem line is arguably the most significant line of all.

The Date column refers to a time before which the line did not exist.
For other columns, refer to the About Dowsing section.