Map Help and Tips

If you are having problems displaying the maps, jump to the next section below.

If you are not familiar with the Ordnance Survey National Grid system here is a link to the OS website.

The grid coordinates for any town, place, postcode or road can be found via the grid reference finder in the main menu.

Here is an example of how to relate the coordinates from the grid reference finder to the maps:
Enter: Church Lane Lostwithiel and the grid reference returned is
SX 10399 59917 ...Yellow=Easting, Green=Northing.
First assume the 100 km square is SX and refer to the map below which shows how all 100km squares, in this website, are split into 4 smaller maps which would be SX-a to SX-d.


The 10 km square required is 15, that is, the first digit in the easting and northing reference.
This is shown on the map with an asterisk which is in the 50x50km square SX-c
You can now open the SX-c map from the Map Entry Point link in the main menu and zoom into the 10km square labelled 15 in the bottom left hand corner. To find Lostwithiel, note the next two digits in the easting / northing pair which are 09. Remember 00 is the bottom left corner in the "15" square so 09 is the top left hand corner. The 09 square is 1 x 1 km, and is marked above by the red dot.

Having Problems Reading the Maps ?

The pdf reader in some old and new browsers have difficulty handling the large size of pdf documents containing the maps. This causes the browser to be unable to display anything correctly or be unable to pan across the map or zoom correctly.

The in built pdf readers in common browsers have to be disabled. Proceed as follows:

Step 1: Download and install the latest Adobe pdf reader if it is not already on your computer.
Step 2: Pdf readers in browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox have to be disabled as follows.

Chrome: Open a new tab and type chrome://plugins as a location for the browser. Disable the chrome pdf reader and the Adobe reader should be automatically enabled.

Firefox: Click on Tools -> Options -> Applications
Select "Portable Document Format(PDF)" and in the "Preview in Firefox" box click on the down button.
Now click on the "Use Adobe Acrobat" option and close the tab.

The Adobe Reader will be faster than browser pdf readers and generally better quality in all respects. Also please note that zooming in and out of the maps is best done by directly selecting a zoom percentage rather than use the + and - zoom controls.