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Michael & Mary      Though not a place, a special mention of these lines has been included here. The famous Michael and Mary lines were the subject of the Sun and Serpent book by Paul Broadhurst and Hamish Miller. Further study shows the lines to be much more complex than originally thought with multiple paths occuring across Cornwall and Norfolk rivaling, at times, the tortuous path around Glastonbury Tor. The map around the Land's End area in Cornwall is sw a square reference SW32.

Glastonbury      The Tor is the first place where Michael, Mary, Walsingham and Jerusalem lines come together representing a conjunction of Jesus of Nazareth, the Holy Ghost, the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Archangel Michael adding yet more weight to the argument that this is the holiest place in Britain.
The Glastonbury area is split across 2 maps. West is st_a and east is st_b square reference ST53. Multiple Michael and Mary lines make dowsing on the ground prone to mistakes so this area was map dowsed first and followed up with real time confirmation. Coordinates for key points are available on request.

Walsingham      Little Walsingham was the scene of a vision of the Virgin Mary in the 11th century. It is the second place in the UK where Michael, Mary, Walsingham and Jerusalem lines converge. It subsequently became the major pilgrimage location in Europe in medieval times. The required map is tf_b square reference TF93.
The lines converge in the rear of the ruined priory grounds. The Walsingham line continues through to London, close to but not through Avebury and on to Cornwall where it often leaves the land entering again along the coast, shadowing the Michael and Mary lines much of the way.

Avebury      All the lines passing through or close to Avebury are available on the maps, location su c square reference SU17. This shows their tendency to group together as a significant location is approached. However, it is interesting to note that most of the lines are not dated in the neolithic period but from the 13c, reason unknown.

Uffington White Horse      This is a complex mixture of lines, large and small and is no doubt not complete. They include the Uffington White Horse, Dragon Hill, Uffington Castle, Wayland's Smithy longbarrow and links between several White Horses, ancient and new. The map reference is su c again, to the east of Swindon, square reference SU38.

St. Leonards Line: London and the South East       A small but interesting line that has been studied in detail. The main link in the heading has local map details and images. The main London map is tq c square reference TQ37, and from there the line can be followed south to Croham Hurst, and on to Shipley Church, and east to Canterbury Cathedral and the south coast where multiple lines are found.

Croham Hurst South London      This tor shaped hill, complete with the remains of a circular barrow, just south of Croydon, is perhaps the most significant dowsing location so far found in the South East. The map location is tq c square reference TQ36.
It is like Glasonbury Tor in that it represents a similar meeting point for a group of lines passing through London. Here there are 2 loops of Walsingham coming close together, the St Leonards line coming south from Streatham and St Paul's, Jerusalem, after passing through Balham, St Etheldreda line which meets St Leonard's at Temple Church and several other as yet unmapped lines.