Priory remains   Walsingham Lines

Walsingham has been a place of pilgrimage for many centuries and may be regarded as second only to Glastonbury as a significant, but perhaps often underestimated, Christian site.

No surprise then that the most significant energy lines that meet at the Glastonbury Tor also form a powerful conjunction at Walsingham, in the Well Garden, behind the remaining west wall.

Both the famous Michael and Mary lines and a line called the Walsingham (Holy Ghost) line, sweep in from the Norfolk coast but they are overshadowed at this conjunction by the all powerful Jerusalem (Jesus of Nazareth) / Sockburn line.
Branches of the Walsingham line continue on towards Avebury and then Glastonbury and finally weave their way many times from coast to coast in Cornwall before vanishing into the sea.
Other branches of this line pass through London towards Crystal Palace and Croham Hurst.

Notes Status
Walsingham A01
Start of direct line to Walsingham from coast at Mundesley. Zoom in to 100 m scale.
Walsingham A02
South of Bradfield, along unmarked road  
Walsingham A03
Near Saxthorpe, along B1354  
Walsingham A04
Near Barney, Norfolk, along B1354  
Walsingham A05
Walsingham Abbey Well Garden. Conjunction with Michael, Mary and Jerusalem lines under stone arch. See Image. Also strong concentric circle energy at same point.
See Plan. Images: west wing, Well Garden.
Walsingham B01
6 band line noticed during initial dowsing July 2011 . Image: east wing.
See connection with White Horse Line.