St Leonard's Church Streatham   St. Leonards Line

The St. Leonards Line was found early in 2010 and was tracked in detail through South London and map dowsed from the south coast to Castlerigg in the lake district.
This small, seemingly insignificant 11 band line began to grow in stature as it was found to pass through Templar churches at Temple Bar in London and Shipley. After Temple bar ir proceeds towards St. Paul's Cathedral but just before passing through the cathedral, turns abruptly south and heads for the south coast. Here it joins other branches of the line from the channel before a different branch returns to London passing along the nave of Canterbury Cathedral on its return to finish its path through St. Paul's cathedral. Note a Walsingham line also passes through St Paul's.
This branch then continues on its journey east through Bromley-by-Bow towards the Norfolk coast

Here is a selection of images of the St. Leonard's Church line:
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St. Leonards Local Satellite View. St. Leonards 1 is the primary line.
St. Leonards Church
St Leonards Larger scale map
of South London
St. Leonards South London